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Interior Designer

natasha Noelle designs has remained a realtor's choice designer. 

natasha Noelle designs,  partner's with realtor's in Idaho, to offer their clients a unique gift of transformation for their newly purchased or built homes. 

her one of a kind, preferred realtor offer, makes it  an undeniable, perfect match for home buyer's in our area.

Meet the designer

                                my obsession is distinctive interiors, that bring your vision into reality.

Natasha Noelle

Interior Designer,   Project Manager,   Creative director,   Home remodel specialist

welcome to natasha Noelle designs. 

I am the space creator, and I love assisting my clients with transforming their room vision into reality. 

I have had the pleasure to design for the past 13 years. this experience allows me to have vision, creative expression, and experience wearing several different "hats" in regard to the world of interior design and home remodeling. 

my strategy for assisting my clients comes from a passion of wanting to see everyone live life better! 

I partner with you to create, a home that is your personal work of art... your masterpiece. 

I am able to design for all styles, personalities, and couples or individuals, on all walks of life.

my personal philosophy as an interior designer, and home remodel partner, can best be described as a 

"biophilic" designer. 

I look to nature for inspiration, and creativity, but pair that closely with how our modern world has evolved design over the years.  I love incorporating sustainable materials, where possible. 

I bring a creative, and dynamic perspective to interior design that allows me to transform your spaces into a cozy, balanced, harmonized home or office.

thank you for trusting natasha Noelle designs, with your next project!